Saffat Aviation Consulting

Training & Development

Training is the vital link in the chain of processes that lead to the ultimate success of aviation industry businesses. Especially in the case of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab states development, training can play a powerful role in assisting the region to gain control over their own needs, help establish clarity around direction and afford local talent the means to participate in the autonomy of aviation in the area.

Often in the daily demands of running an aviation industry business, there is little time to focus on the in-depth knowledge required to effectively and efficiently address the latest technology, plan a new strategy or understand and comply with complex legislation. The training environment provides the space to be informed by the experts who are dedicated to teaching targeted topics of specific knowledge to you so that you can bring it into real world with outcomes that translate into competitive, successful aviation industry business.

Why Training Matters

Making good decisions for any aviation operation is the pivotal capability that determines the success of the business endeavor. Knowledge and skill are the most powerful tools for confident and timely responses to both daily and long-term choices. In the Middle East, training is a significant player in the rapid expansion of the aviation industry. In order to create smooth transitions into this next level of aviation service, there needs to be a foundation of knowledge from which to work.

Training Competency

As a general rule, initial and recurrent training efforts offer competency for participants in such vital areas as:

  • Regulatory requirements of the civil aviation authority for all areas of aviation operation under its control
  • Emergency response plans, safety management systems, audit practices and implementation of safety and security measures throughout the aviation system
  • Utilization of the latest technological advances and trends for such activities as passenger and cargo handling, ground and terminal operations, safety and security measures
  • Management and leadership skills enhancement and competency training for senior and mid-management personnel in all operational areas of airport facilities– initial and recurrent training - to develop quality professional standards and practices.
  • Assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities for air transportation industry personnel recruitment. This is especially significant in light of the vast need for manpower to run the numerous airports under construction in Saudi Arabia and expanding throughout the Gulf Arab states
  • Evaluation and analysis of financial industry trends and their utilization to develop forecasting measures for economical and profitable airport operations and pricing strategies
  • Developing practical solutions for problem solving and techniques for procedural improvement in airport operations and facilities
  • Implementation of processes for optimal, efficient and safe handling of passenger traffic services and handling of traffic flow.

  • Saffat Aviation Consulting is committed to coordinating and providing local training and educational solutions so that the region can draw on its own talented and skilled personnel to lead and guide its aviation growth into the future.