Our Team

Saffat Aviation Consulting

Our Team

Saffat's aviation professionals are a supportive, regional presence with an international repertoire of experience. We bring together an extensive repository of knowledge, hands-on skills, sound methodologies, and imaginative approaches that produce intelligent and economical results for any project we undertake.

Our team has had experience in the real world; they bring that expertise to our clients with:

  • Qualified flight crew experience.
  • Knowledge and expertise to run comprehensive efficiency studies and investigations for airlines to optimize performance and service.
  • Capability to work effectively with civil aviation authorities to procure licensing and permissions and communicate regulatory compliance.
  • Education, skill and experience to:
    1. assess, plan and direct airport development projects;
    2. manage airport systems and services;
    3. supervise passenger and freight terminal operations;
    4. conduct audits:
    5. oversee the transfer of government airports to private and public facilities
  • Qualifications to assess, implement, train and audit vital safety and security measures, procedures and services for both airline and airport operations;
  • International mediation expertise;
  • Tourism and travel industry experience;
  • Personnel recruitment and training competency;
  • Proficiency and expertise in corporate and aviation legal matters;
  • First-hand knowledge and experience in airline operations –reservations, airport operations, safety management, marketing, customer relations, teaching and training; financial management and investment and pricing specialties;
  • Our team knows the air transportation industry from the ground up, can anticipate what is needed and understands how to get the job done. Because Saffat Aviation Consulting is locally attuned, we are better capable to address the specific concerns and situations of aviation businesses in the region and in particular the efforts of the Saudi Arabian air industry.

    We combine international renown with local know-how so our team can handle issues immediately and knowledgeably and avoid the historic costly mistakes.