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Today, the aviation industry is a highly technical and increasingly complex entity that is continuously developing and rapidly evolving. In this current landscape, aviation businesses are faced with the need to run their organizations in a profitable manner while simultaneously navigating a growing mosaic of safety, regulatory and operational requirements. Additionally, there is a vital need to satisfy the demand for high standards of service excellence.

The rigors of these challenges need flexible, quality and imaginative solutions and require the accuracy and insight of extensively knowledgeable experts who are capable of addressing the multiple issues that aviation businesses take on today. The availability of dependable advice in such areas as planning, management, operations, regulatory compliance and training is of critical importance if the full potential of any endeavor is to be realized.

Recently there has been considerable growth in aviation in the Middle East. At Saffat Aviation Consulting, we recognize the requirement for the development of local manpower to best serve the unique aviation needs of our Gulf region. Our local know-how combined with international expertise produces superior results for the aviation sectors we serve. Our commitment to providing world-class consulting services for our clients translates into safety and security as well as efficiency and profitability for them.

The longevity and success of any aviation endeavor is attainable when the vision is clear, the foundation and infrastructure is well built, the plans are followed and imagination sows the seeds of projected expansion and growth.

I welcome you and invite you to explore our resources, look over the quality consulting services we offer and get to know our in-depth expertise. We look forward to supporting your solid success and progress.

To your prosperity,

Majid Khalid Khuthaila - President

Why Choose Us

Saffat is fully equipped to offer state-of-the-art aviation consulting services to clients who seek to create a new aviation operation or who are interested in expanding or improving their current aviation business. We provide high quality professional advice, project management oversight and guidance on all matters relating to airline operations, airport operations, airspace development, safety and security, aircraft maintenance, aviation law and regulatory compliance, and other related areas.
We are consistently present to assist our clients as they develop the business potential that exists for them in the Middle East region and internationally. We promote the continued development of aviation industry expertise and services in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Arab states, and the Middle East region and we offer our know-how within the aviation industry worldwide. Our professional team is inspired to lead our clients in the expansion efforts presently underway and those planned for the future with insight, knowledge and unparalleled service. Our multi-faceted expertise supports clients to take advantage of aviation business opportunities and to adopt best practices for positive outcomes, longevity and success.
At Saffat, we believe in the importance of the transfer of knowledge to aviation endeavors and, as such, we are committed to the development of local talent through the provision of quality training programs. Because we are a source for the exchange of information and knowledge between local and international aviation concerns and endeavors, our clients receive coordinated, robust training and educational solutions through a wide range of technical and non-technical skills development services. It is our goal to provide enhanced knowledge, honed skills and informed, confident decision-making capabilities for our clients.


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